The Box Assembly Machine – BAM

The Box Assembly Machine combines packaging profiles and honey comb boards to the Box elements. The elements are fit together at the end customer to form a heavy-duty box called The Box.


3D Picture:  BAM-A  (The Box element Assembly Machine – Automatic)

Technical details:

  1. buffer conveyor for honey comb board stacks (3 stacks + 1 being destacked)
  2. destacker of honey comb boards
  3. manipulator for picking up the individual boards and assembly pressing (ejector based grippers)
  4. magazines for loading packaging profiles
  5. packaging profile destacking and feeding
  6. automatic gluing system
  7. manipulator for stacking the ready elements (with ejector based grippers)
  8. buffer conveyor for ready element stacks

Approximate dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 4 m (w x l x h)

Production details:

The maximum board size is 2900×1400 mm. Minimum board thickness 10 mm and maximum 30 mm.

Edgeboard thicknesses:     3-6 mm

Edgeboard sides:               50-100 mm

Installed power:                  15 kw

Compressed air requirement minimum 6 bar.

Output: 4 elements per minute if enough components available (approx. 7-10 min independence when buffers fully loaded), possibility to upgrade to higher speed.




Photo: The Box Assembly Machine


Set of the Box elements

Photo: Ready The Box



Taking today’s standards into consideration


The Box is an excellent way to ship your goods safely. It is economical, ecological, light weight and made just for your needs. Thanks to strong profiles, double-stacking will optimize the use of space. 100% carton packaging needs no treatment like wood does.


Eltete design and R&D are based on decades of knowhow, customer case studies and technology. We can design your individual transport box with possible loading flaps or special printing so that it can even be used as a shop display.


Different size, height and quality options guarantee that your goods will arrive undamaged at their destination. The Box offers optimal protection and is an economic alternative to traditional boxes.


The Box is the ultimate right choice for reducing a company’s CO2 footprint.

The Box is 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

Reduce – Replace –Recycle and you will benefit from a better company image.