Paper Roll to Paper Pallet

Paper Roll –to- Paper Pallet (PRPP) is a technology developed by Eltete Engineering in Finland. It’s a highly efficient and industrial way of making strong laminated pallets using mainly recycled paper as a raw material. Intelligent pallet design combined with modern production technology ensures a winning combination.

Paper Pallet Runner – Pallrun®

Pallrun® is pallet runner made from laminated paper/cartonboard and it’s made in an automatic process in Pallrun production line. Pallrun can be used as a pallet feet, directly connected to a box or many other direct applications such as for transporting paper rolls.






–          unique highly automated process and optimal pallet design guarantee the most efficient competitiveness

–          paper rolls are converted to paper pallets through several combined automated processes

–          the first industrial way of making cartonboard pallets


Photo: Paper reel stand


PRPP technology is developed over 10 years in Finland and its key elements are:

  •  Eltete Pallrun (very strong yet lightweight pallet foot)
  •  Honeycomb board
  •  flatboards (optional)


Key figures of PRPP:

  • production capacity: 2 500 000 pallets/year
  • space requirements: 2 500 m2
  • pallet sizes: 400×600-1500×1350 mm


Photo: ready pallets piled with APPA


Production lines related to Paper Roll –to- Paper Pallet technology:


Photo: Instant ready APPA pallets