Pallrun production line

Automated production line for producing paper pallet runners “Pallrun®” from paper. Pallrun® is a combination of strong laminated profiles and loading elements (tubes/cores). You can read more information about the product itself from here.


3d model of Pallrun production line

Key characteristics of Pallrun production line:

  • according to the principle of paper roll to finished product with minimum amount of waste
  • high automation level and only two operators are needed
  • max 15 m/min (more than 4 million meters of Pallrun annual capacity)
  • spacing between loading elements are freely adjusted from the touch screen
  • cutting unit is synchronized to the position of the loading elements (cutting always from the hollow section)
  • machine vision system for quality control (optional)
  • automated self-adhesive and silicon paper applying system (optional)
  • automated Pallrun stacker for palletizing the ready product (optional)
  • remote fault diagnostics via internet (optional)


Pallrun cutting unit in operation


Pallrun stacker in operation




The Pallrun® are pallet feet made of solid laminated carton board consisting of profiles and the carton board loading elements.  The glue for the lamination is PVA based and the product itself fully recyclable with carton board and other similar material. The Eltete Pallrun® has good moisture and humidity resistance. The mechanical resistance (sliding) and the general strength of the Pallrun® also stand out in comparison to corrugated or honeycomb based solutions.

The Pallrun® can be used directly with corrugated board boxes or it can be made to a Paperboard Pallet by attaching them to a top board. Eltete TPM autoadhesive Pallruns® can be used as pallet feet for the Box or similar boxes (Boxrunner).

Pallrun is the key element not only for paper pallets but also for Edgerunner, Straprunner and Boxrunner.