Honey Comb Board Lamination Line

Eltete Honey Comb Board Lamination Line – EHCLL is designed for producing strong boards needed in the pallet and the Box solutions. Optionally the line is capable of laminating double surface papers on both top and bottom of the board.


The maximum width of the board is 1600mm.

Max line speed= 15m/min

Normal line speed= 10m/min

Cross cut length= 500mm-9999mm

Board thickness 10mm-90mm

Normal capacity/shift= 4500 panels

Max line power= 135 KW

Line size= Length= 46m Width= 5m Height= 2,5m

Paper Honeycomb Board Laminator

Photo:  Online Slitter machine 

Honeycomb board slitter and cross-cutter

Paper Honey Comb Board Laminator

3d model of a modern transport packaging materials plant showing different uses of honeycomb board