Oy Duromek Ab is a high tech company focused on production lines for manufacturing a vast variety of carton board packaging material . We are committed to continuously developing new production lines as well as improving existing machine lines.

Our company was founded in 1989 and is located in Loviisa on the south coast of Finland, 90 km east of Helsinki. Oy Duromek Ab has manufactured more than 100 production lines and machines and shipped them all over the world.


With our close to 30 years of experience, we provide global manufacturers with our innovation and technology.

Oy Duromek Ab offers a wide variety of production lines. Each line is custom made to meet the requirements and high standards of our customers. Not only are we developing, engineering and producing production lines, we also offer service, maintenance and even modernization of existing production machines.


Our expertise and ability to convert demanding system requirements into efficient  technology offer our clients stability and continuity in their quest for producing high quality products. Our experience results in solutions which enables our customers to run machinery provided by us  easily  more than 120 hours per week and 50 weeks annually.

Please find below an illustration of machinery and production lines designed and produced by  us.


Edge board lines with flat and C board extension

U-profile production lines

PallRun production lines (1)

Paper Pallet Assembly lines

Honey comb board core and lamination lines

Wrap around machines for round edge board production

Cut off machines for edge board production

Slitter rewinders

Glue mixers for PVA glue

(1) PallRun is a registered Trade mark of Eltete TPM ltd