Automatic Paper Pallet Assembly (APPA) is an efficient machine for assembling paper pallets from ready components. It can be seen as a small independent pallet assembly unit or it can be used in connection with Paper Roll – to- Paper Pallet technology. The APPA is flexible regarding different pallet sizes and designs – it’s an efficient and reliable modern way of assembling paper pallets. 

Photo: Automatic Paper Pallet Assembly (APPA)

Key features:

  • Modular structure allows different versions of APPA to be build to the customer needs
  • One operator needed (full version with all component loading modules and ready pallet stacker)
  • Compact design
  • Special gluing system for strong bond between the components ( exact amount of adhesive)
  • Internet connection for monitoring and problem solving from distance
  • Automatic assembly assures quality
  • Servo controlled pressing time and pressure
  • Accurate positioning of components
  • Flexible in sizes ( adjustments from a touch screen)
  • Compact size (12 x 12 m for the machinery)

APPA Pallet

3D Picture:  APPA 4-way Pallet


Modular structure and versatility

3D Picture: APPA 10 Basic (left) and APPA 10 Complete (right)

The automation level of APPA can be decided at the ordering of the machine and upgrade modules can be ordered in a later phase. The actual pallet assembly is always automatic to assure continuous quality (compared to manual assembly). In the APPA 10 complete there is no manual labor involved as all the components deliveries and ready pallets are handled by a forklift truck.

Also special versions of APPA can be made according to the customer specifications. For example configurations for producing:

  • skid pallets
  • block pallets
  • stringer pallets
  • load carriers
  • low profile pallets


  • The core unit in all of the versions is responsible for the actual pallet assembly.
  • Feeding units can be configured according to the demand
  • The APPA pallet assembly system can grow according to your needs.

Photo: APPA 10

Photo: 2-way APPA pallet production (paper skid pallet)

Innovation & Continuous improvement

Leading through innovation and creating technologies and products in line with the market while anticipating the demand are Eltete Engineering R&D principles. This video shows new development for APPA: